Service Time

At Action Church, we believe that every member needs to belong to a spiritual family within the church. Life groups provide the structure for building strong relationships and effective discipleship. They are the places where you will receive love and care. In the life group, you will have the opportunity to serve others as well as to be served. Join one of our exciting life groups today!

Our church meeting time and place:

Sunday ServicesSUN 09302F Chapel
Children ServicesSUN 0930B1 Children’s Classroom
Youth ServicesSAT 14001F Multiple Function Room
Pray MeetingWED 19301F Multiple Function Room

Cell Group

GroupTimeMeeting PlaceLeaders
Living GroupTUE 0930Church 1F
Esther GroupTUE 0930Church 1FFeng-Mei
Ability GroupDecided by the group Feng-Qin
Manna GroupDecided by the group Feng-Ling
Grace GroupFRI 0930Church 1FHui-Ting

Action Church’ s vision is to bring us victory, health and happiness through Jesus