Don’t let the soul get lost!


Don’t let the soul get lost!
-Use God’s truth to discern the voice of this generation
Scripture:3 John 1:1-15

We need a correct spiritual vision, otherwise, our soul will be lost, and we will not even see the truth, just like in the fog and maze
‧3John 1:2
We often value the body and the things we do, but here we are told: the spirit is the most important
‧Psalm 23:2

1.The truth can be inspected (v3)
ex: identification of antiques

2.The truth is in the heart (v3)
‧Psalm 119:11
‧Matthew 24:35

3.The truth requires action (v3-4
People always think: there is a gap between ideal and reality
The Pharisees at that time could only say but did not take any action
‧Matthew 23:4
This church loves to read the scriptures and is familiar with the truth, but there is no love, because they only stay in the understanding of the truth

4.The truth is satisfying (v3-4)
People can be satisfied because they have joy in their hearts

5.The truth is shared with others (v5-6)
Three attitudes to share with others:
(1) Loyalty (v5)
(2) Love (v6)
(3) Complete (v6)